Slide Alison Louw has been in the profession in excess of 35 years Alison has built up an extensive client base of successful individuals, some of whom she has known for as long as 35 years or more. She has always been deeply committed to ensuring the best outcome for her clients and is passionate about her work. Her clients come first and no matter what they require she will go that extra mile. See our Services

Slide ALison Louw "My family could not have been in better hands during this emotional time. Alison treated me with respect and really cared about my welfare for the present and in going forward for the future." What people say about Alison Louw May Muzik

Slide Our range of specialised services include Administration of Deceased Estates We have extensive experience in the administration of deceased estates and provide this service, which involves: The acceptance of the appointment as executor or executor's agent for a deceased estate. The winding up of the deceased estate as required by law. It is important to note that Executors should be selected for their ability to efficiently and effectively wind up your estate without delay for the benefit of the nominated beneficiaries. An estate can take six months to a year to wind up and much longer if the executor or agent is not competent or does not understand the formalities required. Estate Planning We have extensive experience in the drafting of Wills and Estate Planning. When advising a client regarding his or her Estate Planning, a detailed analysis of the client's affairs is carried out. An individual with a large asset base can minimize the effective rate of tax and estate duty by having a Will drafted and taking cognizance of his or her family situation and asset base. Depending on the value of a Testator/Testatrix’s estate and the intention of the client, various estate planning tools are available which are discussed with the client to maximize the assets available to his or her family on death. Slide Our range of specialised services include Wills & Codicils We provide specialist advice in drafting Wills applicable to each client’s individual requirements and wishes. It is imperative to obtain professional advice when drafting and executing a Will in order to avoid the many complications that could occur if a Will is not properly prepared. If you die without a Will (known as dying Intestate), the rules of intestate succession will apply to the winding up of your estate. Your assets may then be distributed to individuals to whom you would never have bequeathed your assets. The State will appoint an Executor, which is likely to cause delays. The Executor, too, may not be a person who you would have chosen. A well written Will can avoid the unnecessary complications when dying intestate. Trust Formation Trusts can be an effective estate planning tool and careful drafting is essential to ensure the intentions of the founder are dealt with correctly. Trusts can protect inheritances due to minor children, thereby avoiding payment of inheritances to the Guardian’s Fund. One is able to “freeze” the value of growth assets in the estate of the planner with the use of a Trust. Slide Our range of specialised services include Trust Administration Trustees have a fiduciary duty to administer the assets of the Trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. They must understand their responsibilities and act with due care, diligence and skill in the performance of their duties. Tax Administration We provide tax consulting services, tax administration services in filing returns for income tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL and VAT. Money Market Investments – Investec Private Bank We provide an investment service whereby we offer competitive rates on Call.

Slide Luke Seeber
Alison is extremely professional, I would highly recommend her. She helped us in so many ways, and was always willing to go the extra mile.
Wild May Muzik
My husband died last year and Alison Louw handled his estate. My family could not have been in better hands during this emotional time. Alison treated me with respect and really cared about my welfare for the present and in going forward for the future. She has great compassion is totally trustworthy and extremely professional in her attitude towards her work. I can highly recommend her for the handling of estates.
Slide Stefano Montanari
Alison is very caring and her customer service is amazing, she has helped me with tax administration services and my will.

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